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      The company Nomiland, s.r.o. was established in 1996 as a company which focused on supporting the educational process of preschool children.

      Gradually, we were expanding the portfolio of our activities from publishing to business and production in the field of goods and services for kindergartens.

      Since 2011 we have been a leader in the distibution of equipment and furnishing for kindergartens in the Slovak republic and the Czech republic. Currently we offer more than 15 000 items which can be found in our catallogues. In the catallogues for domestic market (the Slovak and the Czech republic) our customers can find didactic games, games for children, construction kits, wooden toys, furniture for kindergartens and primary schools, products for the hobby and craft, children´s playgrounds and many other products, which are designed to improve the educational process in kindergartens and for children at the age of 3 to 8 years. Currently we have more than 15 000 items in our selection for our domestic customers.

      We also manufacture furniture and since 2011 we have been the supplier of the furniture abroad. Our customers are mainly distributors for kindergartens and primary schools in the European union. Our basic range includes: furniture series, wardrobes and hangers, furniture decorations, tables, chairs, beds and cots, sofas, but also paravans, toilet tables, foam aids, playing shops and others. We continue to improve these products and every year we extend the range.

MAGIC FURNITURE with 3D children’s groove patterns,

bringing peace, ensuring safety, and providing space for creative imagination.

Magic Furniture

Follow your imagination and create practical and at the same time magic furniture according to your wish.

How to easily make your fantasy furniture?
  • choose the type of a cabinet from the assortment offered...
  • then select the cabinet door - drawers - containers - shelves - benches (belonging to the respective type of cabinet)...
  • according to your wish choose from 6 colours a 50 groove patterns /animals - figures – things /
  • finally, choose from our offer of chaise longues and pouffes, tables and chairs

      In this way you will be able to design manifold gorgeous wall units according your wish and imagination.

      By accepting our offer, you will definitely choose what is necessary and pleasing to your eyes and heart.

      By using a number of furniture pieces in six colours, take the opportunity to make your own coloured units. If this is followed by selection from 50 different groove patterns, you will brighten each space designed for children. Groove patterns will add your furniture a unique design with a 3D effect.

      Our offer of “Magic Furniture” comprises a full assortment for room furnishing: Cabinets, Cloakroom cabinets, Decorations, Tables, Chairs, Beds, Mattresses, Chaise Longues and Pouffes.

      The design of furniture allows its being widely used in preschool and school institutions and provides children’s bedrooms with lovely furnishings full of fantasy.

      We hope this unique furniture has caught your attention and look forward to cooperation with you.

...the furniture that will light up the eyes of children and adults !


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